and support the wisdom of three-brain development


Each brain, ie the gut brain, the heart brain and the head brain, has its foundation time.


The gut brain develops from birth and has its major foundation phase up to 7 years of age. Initially the gut brain is the unconscious force that drives us to become human - to overcome gravity and walk, to talk, to think etc We need to own our body through movement. To do this we  must challenge ourselves in our immediate world. Eventually we find ourselves oriented in three dimensions of space, all through our own unconscious will-power, our courage.

This brain, of which we can become conscious, becomes our courage and resilience in life. Coddled children who are denied this “courageous exploration” as an infant can lack the will (guts) to mobilise themselves into positive action.

The ancients new this brain as the lower dantian. It is seated below the navel. It is the power source used in many martial arts.


The heart brain lies between the gut and head brains, and it is central to our development as human beings. What makes us human is related to out humanity. Our humanity depends on the love and compassion that we can share with others. To deny this, and not see how important educating the heart is, is a crime. Our deeds are the measure of our humanity, especially when they become less selfless and more conscious of how we can work for our fellow human.

The heart brain is best developed from 7 - 14 years of age, and story is the best teachers, as it has been for millennia.

The ancients knew this brain as the middle dantian. In all sacred teachings we are told of the need to develop our hearts, so that we can become more human.


This is the most studied of the brains. The brain is the place where our thinking can be measured along with other faculty responses. We can see the result of thinking, but have no idea what the thoughts are, or from where they come.

But is is abstract thinking - the contemplation of ideas and concepts which is most important to our humanity.  These thoughts, usually extremely self-centred and emotionally attached, have their foundation in the teenage years. Ideologies become stronger in the later teens, immersed in massive chemical shifts and emotion.

Unless thinking can develop around abstractions, it can be trained to be purely mechanical. Mechanical thinking with out heart can be socially problematic

The ancients knew this ideal head brain as the upper dantian or third eye. It is a place where consciousness develops and can be trained.


The ancients knew of these (approximate) seven year cycles. The key to the door of adulthood - the stepping out into life with a gut, heart and head brain - was 21. In meeting life you become a journey person and parents and teachers alike, hopefully provided reasonable foundations for the further development of the gut, heart and head brains, so life is encountered with resilience, heart and head.

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